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   The company by the name Konstantelos founded by George Konstantelos in Greece, entered the field of high-tech construction in 1959. He began great technological breakthroughs and conquests in the technology field, manufacturing a small production of electronic and mechanic machinery.
   In 1960 constructed the first induction generator (high-frequency) 15KW power with two EIMAC tubes 3CX3000 triodes at push pull technology for surface hardening of shafts and for gears. The volume of this machine using high voltage (5000V) for the electron tubes exceeded the volume of a room.
   The following years came with constructions of induction generators with greater power, AM and FM radio transmitters, TV transmitters, radio constructions for the Army, microwave radio Links, diathermies, broadcast antennas and electronic support structures for automated devices and systems. more

Αυτοματισμοί Νέας Γενιάς

   New Generation Automations

   Are made from special materials properly machined treated without any use of welding. All movable parts are from specific high-strength aluminum and hardness like steel. Because of this special aluminum alloy the mechanical wears minimized because the moving parts are very lightweight and can accelerate and decelerate quickly without requiring too much power from the servo motors.
   Through the TFT screen control we can configure, monitor and do all the machine functions. more

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